Texas Czech Genealogical Society
Texas Czech genealogical Society

Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement
A genealogical society founded by Czech genealogists dedicated to helping you with your
Czech genealogy.
Six Purposes
From its inception, the TCGS adopted five purposes to which it would be dedicated:
1.  To promote the study of the genealogy of the particular group of people known as
     "Texas Czechs."
2.  To identify sources of genealogical interest to the Texas Czech genealogical community.
3.  To preserve items of genealogical interest to the Texas Czech genealogical community
     and make them available to the general public (including, but not limited to, preservation
     of rare books, manuscripts, vital records and 
personal notes).
4.  To publish materials of interest to the Texas Czech genealogical community, (including
     but not limited to,
 reprints of rare books, manuscripts, vital records, and personal notes.)
5.  To provide and/or promote educational activities directed at aiding individuals in furthering
     their personal 
genealogical research activities.
6.  To encourage freely sharing one's genealogical records with members having common ancestors.